Our corporate philosophy is “Creating a safe and secure distribution of food products from producers to consumers, in order to achieve social equity and well-being”. We have the utmost respect for diverse companies and people as our partners and aim to enhance quality of life for everyone as we take on the challenge of creating a new dining culture. We strive to take responsible actions that live up to the “expectations and trust” that we have acquired over time. We believe that strengthening the value chain, with the goal of solving a wide range of social issues and achieving sustainable growth, will contribute to putting our corporate philosophy into practice and achieving the goals laid out by the SDGs.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals that were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. They consist of 17 goals and 169 targets based on the philosophy of “Leave No One Behind”.

Theme Policy Contributing SDG’s Specific Initiatives
Reducing food waste We will distribute the salable food that our company is involved in distributing with as little waste as possible.
  • Extension of expiry date
  • Donations to children's cafeterias and food banks
  • Reducing the amount of food residue(Affiliated company factories)
A sustainable supply chain Build a safe, reliable, and sustainable supply chain based on our standards
  • Reuse of food waste as feed auxiliary materials
  • Internal standardization of supplier code of conduct (human rights and environmental considerations)
  • Building a sustainable supply chain
  • Compliance with food-related laws and regulations
Reducing global environmental impact Promote initiatives that involve technological innovation in office activities and supply chains to reduce the burden on the global environment.
  • Promoting paperless operation
  • In-house solar power generation(Affiliated company factories)
  • Improving maritime transport efficiency in food imports
  • Development of alternative meat
Creating an attractive workplace Provide appropriate growth opportunities to diverse human resources and create a workplace with high employee engagement
  • Career support for employee’s success in the workplace
  • Creating a workplace that accommodates diverse human resources
  • Work style committee activities
  • Kurumin certification
  • Eruboshi certification

As part of our efforts toward building a sustainable supply chain, Foodlink requests all our suppliers and other business partners to operate business based on the following Mitsubishi Corporation Group’s “Guidelines for Sustainable Supply Chain Behavior”.

  1. Prohibition of forced labor
  2. Prohibition of child labor
  3. Providing a safe, hygienic, and healthy work environment
  4. Respect for employees’ right to organize and engage in collective bargaining
  5. Prohibition of discrimination
  6. Prohibition of inhumane treatment
  7. Appropriate management of working hours
  8. Ensuring adequate wages
  9. Ensuring fair trade and preventing corruption
  10. Consideration for the global environment
  11. Disclosure of information