We continually take on the challenge of ever-changing food needs with the effort of doing things “for the team”.

Founded in 1960, Foodlink is a trading company that specializes in meat products whose presence on Japanese dining tables is essential.
As a member of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group, Foodlink serves as the product development and sales divisions for livestock integration. It’s an integrated process that encompasses everything from the supply of compound feed, feeding production, the process into meat products, to the sales and distribution.

Since the complication of COVID-19, skyrocketing prices and a declining birthrate, aging population, and various other issues, we have entered an era in which consumer food needs are becoming increasingly diverse, not only regarding matters such as affordability, safety, and reliability, but also in terms of maintaining a stable supply of high value-added food products. Despite these challenges, we remain undaunted by the rapidly changing environment and circumstances, and we make every effort to conduct our business with the urgency needed to respond to the various needs that arise.

As a company that plays a key role in the global food industry, we are also taking company-wide measures to address the issue of food wastage. Furthermore, in our efforts to achieve the SDGs, we are placing a particular focus on the development of human resources. Since we are a company that supports people’s happiness through our safe and reliable food products, we believe that the employees that work here should also be happy.

Each one of our employees can take on new challenges with a feeling of excitement. Through our efforts to solve the problems that our customers face, we contribute to society while also achieving significant personal growth. We as a company are committed to providing the support necessary to create such job satisfaction as well as sustainable human resource development.

As my own background in this field, I make considerable effort to actively engage with employees, putting into practice our “for the team” attitude that unites management and employees as we work together with stakeholders to create new value in the world and continue our efforts to break new ground in the development of food products.

Thank you very much for your continued understanding and support for the work that we do.

President&CEO Kotaro Uchiyama

CHALLENGE AND EVOLUTION Medium-term management plan  2027

Our company has formulated a six-year management plan, with Stage 1 being the three years from 2022 to 2024 and Stage 2 being the next three years from 2025 to 2027. We have begun to strengthen the functions of our organization in order to strengthen our existing businesses and create new value. We have set and are working on goals in a total of eight areas: product strategy in four categories (domestic chicken, imported raw materials, domestic processed products, imported processed products), marketing, digitalization, human resource development, and sustainability. We will strive to become a company chosen by society by creating new value by combining the strength of each and every employee.