In addition to legal compliance, we enacted Foodlink's Executive Code of Conduct in January of 2002, as a way to build a system to perpetuate fair and sound business practices. We will continue to seek the fulfillment of our compliance requirements.

Executive Code of Conduct

Basic Philosophy

On the premises of fundamental values such as human rights and social co-existence. Foodlink’s executives and employees in the course of carrying out business, shall comply with all laws and regulations, international agreements, and company regulations, while adhering to business manners and conducting themselves in keeping with social norms

Compliance Rules

  1. Respect human rights and refrain from discrimination and harassment.
  2. Comply with laws and regulations, concerning the environment and make consideration of the environment in all activities.
  3. Comply with laws, regulations, and in-house provisions in the course of carrying out transactions and making fairness a principle.
  4. While appropriate management of company information is beyond doubt, information obtained from outside sources and rights such as intellectual property rights of the third-party shall also be handled appropriately.
  5. Do not act contrary to the interests of the company; also, distinguish between public and private affairs.
  6. Make financial/accounting records and reports timely and appropriately.
  7. Gift-giving, business entertainment, etc., shall be done without violating any laws or regulations and within the scope of socially common sense.
  8. Firm and appropriate countermeasures against antisocial forces shall be taken and no payoffs of any kind whatsoever shall be made.
  9. Any behavior violating this Code, whether discovered or committed through negligence, shall be reported and conferred upon promptly to any of the following: a supervisor, the Chair of the Compliance Committee, the crisis response management representative, relevant in-house departments or bureaus, the Compliance Committee Office or the Mitsubishi Corporation Group's Legal Suggestion Box.