One of Foodlink’s strengths is that we are a trading company with its own Marketing Department.
This department can analyze many kinds of information, which helps us formulate solutions to the issues we face.

  1. Market & field research
    Market & field research
  2. Consumer surveys
    Consumer surveys
  3. Big data surveys
    Big data surveys
  4. Questionnaires

Our Product Development Division, which creates our food products, quickly identifies consumer trends, and needs, and develops superior products suited to these demands.

  1. Prototyping in the in-house test kitchen

    01Prototyping in the in-house test kitchen

    We make full use of our expertise and know-how and strive to meet the needs of our customers by quickly producing product prototypes and making proposals.

  2. Creation of recipe production flows

    02Creation of recipe production flows

    We create high-quality recipes and production flows that recreate with high quality the prototypes made in our test kitchen in a large-scale factory manufacturing setting.

  3. On-site production oversite

    03On-site production oversite

    Our development staff in Japan and overseas take part in on-site production oversite to ensure that our products meet customer needs and to confirm product quality.