The Mitsubishi Corporation Group‘s Livestock integration

To integrate the livestock industry as a business and build a system of management consistent in all areas of the industry – upstream and downstream – from supplying feed, raising livestock production and processing, sales, and distribution.
The Mitsubishi Corporation Group was the first in Japan to implement a genuine "livestock integration."

The Mitsubishi Corporation Group owns farms as well as processing plants for poultry and pork in Japan and overseas to ensure a stable supply of raw materials.

We deliver products to consumers under and thorough quality control from production, sales, and distribution.


Our ability to contribute to solving the issues faced by our customers

  • Sales


    Our greatest asset is the comprehensive solutions we can provide as a result of being involved in every step of the process, from production sites to distribution. A group of food professionals will propose "safe, reliable and valued ingredients."

  • Product Development

    02Product Development

    Our Product Development Division, which creates our food products, quickly identifies consumer trends, and needs, and develops superior products suited to these demands.
    These products are created by a team of technicians in constant pursuit of speed and accuracy through expertise.

  • Product Planning

    03Product Planning

    The presence of a Marketing Department within our company is one of our strengths.
    Our Marketing, Sales, and Development departments work together to propose products that meet the market demands and formulate solutions to the issues that we face.

  • Raw Material Procurement

    04Raw Material Procurement

    The greatest strength of livestock integration is that it enables stable procurement of raw materials.
    This in turn makes it possible for us to provide a stable supply of raw materials.

  • Information


    By making full use of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group's network, we collect a wide range of information from upstream to downstream, and respond to the requests of our business partners with a sense of urgency.

Systems that contribute to enhancing customer value

  • Logistics Infrastructure

    01Logistics Infrastructure

    We construct order systems and logistics infrastructure for a diverse range of business partners that includes mass retailers, restaurant chains, mid-market food service chains, convenience stores, and intermediary distributors.

  • Product Quality Assurance Systems

    02Product Quality Assurance Systems

    We make every effort to ensure that our products are safe and reliable. We have established a quality assurance department that is independent from sales and development, and have created a system to ensure product safety.

  • Importing Systems

    03Importing Systems

    We support outsourcing form overseas manufacturing factories and purchases to deliver to Japan. We understand in detail the characteristics of products, manufacturing processes, and factories, and select the most suitable overseas factory for manufacturing.